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QA engineer

Albert Göteborg

Albert is a fast-paced start-up, where the route from idea to decision is shorter than to the coffee machine. In our team, we have collectively built a vast pool of knowledge in using Javascript frameworks to give users a world-class experience when improving their mathematical skills.

Our aim is to combine content, data and technology in a magical way to customize the learning experience of each individual user, irrespective of their age.

We use and contribute to the open source community, and dedicate a portion of the time to refactor and improve where needed.

Being a digital consumer company, we are extremely close to our end users. Our users pay close attention to details and have high requirements about product quality. So do we. Our mission is to convert their pains to endless joy, piece-by-piece, day-by-day.

The team consists of product owners, UX/UI designers, data scientists, front-end and back-end engineers. We are now looking for a software tester to join our development team as a tester/QA (Quality Assistance rather than Quality Assurance). As a full member of our development team, you will be an integral part in the whole process of delivering the software: from refinement to analysing the usage data to understand the actual quality experienced by our users. With your presence in the team, you will contribute the quality mindset and exploratory testing knowledge that will make our apps loved by our users.

For us, testing is part of product development process and not a step after "git push-ing". Therefore, the ideal candidate is an excellent communicator and prefers talking to fellow teammates over writing long test reports. We are looking for an active learner who is ready to get out of the comfort zone and bring the state-of-the-art testing to the team. We want you to challenge our ways of thinking and bring new ways of looking at quality to our team.

The products we have
  • website: Our store where customers can read about Albert and sign up for a subscription (React.js, node.js)
  • The Albert junior application: Our product for children in ages 3-9 (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Laravel)
  • The Albert app: Our product for children in ages 10 - 17 (React Native, Firebase, node.js)
Who we are looking for
  • You have minimum 2 years experience from QA
  • Experience from agile development in fast-paced environment
  • Experience from testing mobile applications
  • You pay close attention to details, both in function and design
  • You enjoy working as a team towards a common goal
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Swedish (our app's contents are primarily in Swedish)
  • Minimum bachelor's degree or a Software Test Engineer education from a vocational studies center (Yrkeshögskola)
  • You have experience from, and can actively lead, develop and improve QA processes
A big plus if you...
  • Have a genuine love of improving mathematics skills in children
  • Have a strong desire and motivation to automate repetitive testing tasks, where possible.
  • Interest in DevOps
One common characteristic of any Albert family member is that we love the idea of using our impressive devotion to make the world a better place.

Join us on our journey, and we'll make sure you will have a blast!


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