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Warranty & Quality to Polestar, Gothenburg

Polestar Performance Ab Göteborg

The Role

Here at Polestar, we still don't have titles, never will have. We are looking for a person who believes that a company like Polestar can be a guiding star towards sustainable mobility to improve the society we live in. In this role you will be responsible for driving, developing and expanding the Warranty and Quality issues for Polestar.

This is a new role, and this will require a person who is willing to build a function together with the team. See it as an empty canvas where you will paint the content of the role. A large part of the role is to work, network and cooperate with different departments at Volvo Cars. A substantial part of the assignment is also to actively search for information and find solutions relevant for your strategic and operational tasks.

This is an ideal role for someone looking to creating something new at the brightest shining star of the car industry - Polestar. You will contribute with your enthusiasm, strategy, tactical and networking ways as Polestar continues to take bold steps to the future with pure, progressive, performance.

Your contribution
  • Overall responsible for Warranty. Main contact internally and for our sales company
  • Responsible for strategic cooperation/liaison with Volvo Cars central and Volvo Cars national sales company
  • Overall responsible for Supplier Recovery (not the operational work in each case)
  • Follow-up of Warranty & Quality
  • Overall contact in questions related to conformity of requirements (no operational work)
  • New tasks within Quality tbd
  • Developing this role as the company grows and the need for solutions arises
Who you are

You have a relevant education, experience and background for this position. You must have a background from the Warranty & Quality area from the automotive industry. Coming from Volvo Cars is highly meritorious. You are very familiar with Volvo Cars processes in this area and you have experience from working with warranty and quality. You must have ability to think visionary and strategically and also be prepared to handle some operational work since Polestar is still growing and everyone has to pitch in at times. You get energy from networking with people, finding solutions and setting processes. In this role you work, move and interact vertically and horizontally easily across the organization and you will probably run some projects. Ability to work professionally in a fast-paced environment is also needed. Strong communication skills and the passion to influence people throughout the organization but also outside Polestar.

At Polestar, you will be part of a cross-functional and international team, with English as a natural language for written and spoken communication.

Are you ready for the journey? Which is electric by the way...

We welcome your application with CV and cover letter. For further information, please contact Igor Glavan at Jerrie +46701765828

We are Polestar - the guiding star.

We are an electric performance brand, determined to improve the society we live in. Our focus is on uncompromised design and technology. Passion and emotion drive us, electricity and innovation drive our cars. Our products are excellent, efficient and entertaining. We don't believe in shortcuts, excuses or compromises. We are all in, focused on our goal. Guiding our industry forward through pure, progressive, performance.

At Polestar, the sky is the limit.


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