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Experienced Frontend developer for Sigma IT

Sigma IT Göteborg

Sigma IT is now looking for a new colleague for the frontend team. We are looking for you who have at least 3 years of experience of JavaScript, who want to become part of our core business where the focus is on programming and complex system development projects. In this role you work as a consultant with the main focus frontend and with frameworks such as React.js or Node.js. We are looking for you who are passionate about the techniques around JavaScript and who want to be part of a team where development and skills are the focus.

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What does the role look like?

Sigma's front-end team consists of about 25 developers working in various assignments with our customers. We maintain a high level of competence and many of us have worked for a long time in the front end and therefore there are great opportunities to learn from each other. We usually meet in the office regularly to review our own projects and discuss the latest in frontend. We always end these hits by testing a new technology or method that we find interesting.

Affiliation is important to us and this we work with continuously through social activities, skills development and other things that aim to increase well-being within the group. You have a close contact with your manager who is constantly working to get you as challenging and evolving as possible.

You become part of our front-end team and work as a consultant with one of our clients or in an in-house project. We offer a wide range of assignments and therefore the nature of the job can vary. Common to all assignments is that they are long-term, qualified and challenging, while at the same time you are guaranteed to have fun at work!

As part of this team, you always have a great opportunity to influence not only which assignment you are working on but which techniques you want to focus on and develop within.

You are working on a development project with one of our customers, for example in the automotive or telecommunications industry or in the public sector. You have your colleagues on the assignment, but also in your team where there are many common activities related to skills development or to have fun together.

Your background

For this role, we are looking for you who want to join us and make us the best IT consulting company. Here you will work with competent and supportive colleagues and you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of large and small customers in the Gothenburg area.

We believe that you have been working as a frontend developer for at least 3 years. You are comfortable with the techniques around JavaScript and has knowledge of relevant frameworks, such as React.js, Node.js or Vue.

We also believe that you have a degree in software engineering or similar, but if you are self-taught and have several leisure projects to show off, we gladly accept your application!

Your personal qualities are important to us as you want to keep the atmosphere we have today. Our employees are characterized by a business-oriented and customer-oriented attitude, as well as the ability to quickly absorb new information and transform it into creative solutions. You respect your colleagues and have a strong desire to share your knowledge with others as well as listen and learn.

Last but not least, we want you to continue to develop and have fun at work!

How is Sigma as an employer?

We are proud of our strong corporate culture, so your personal qualities are very important to us. We have both business sense, customer orientation and technology interest in the blood, and of course an ability to quickly take in new information and transform it into creative solutions.

We respect everyone and are happy to take part in the experiences of others while sharing our own. We believe that diversity promotes creativity and helps us grow both as individuals and companies.

Sigma IT Consulting is the largest company in the Sigma Group and we work according to the words Passion and Execution. For us, this means that we love what we do and we get it done. We also want to be part of creating a better tomorrow for all of us. Together we can do this.

Our vision permeates everything we do: EXPECT A BETTER TOMORROW


Please send in your application below. We cannot handle applications that are sent through email.

Applications are handled on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the responsible recruiter Jasmina Jarlevid,

More about Sigma IT Consulting

At Sigma you get to work at an organization that owns its strategy, where it is close to those who make the decisions and where you can be a part and impact the organization. When you work with us you get an employer who has a strong standing I Sweden and who offer international assignments with significant opportunities for personal development.

Sigma is a value driven firm with high goal where decisiveness and engagement are key influences. We work in a prestige free environment where we help each other to move forward and collectively deliver results that we can be proud of.

Sigma IT Consulting consists of more than 1200 specialists within strategy, technology and communication. Through digital transformations we increase the efficiency of many of Sweden's largest firms, organizations and counties. You can find us in seven countries and in more than 20 cities in Sweden. The head office is located in Gothenburg.

We are part of the Sigma group, which is Sweden's largest privately-owned technical consulting firm with more than 4000 coworkers in twelve countries. Sigma is owned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Dan Olofsson and has a large and active CSR-engagement in Star for Life and other important community initiatives.


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